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Shopping in Jakarta

Posted by on Apr 15th, 2009
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Pondok Indah Mall is a major shopping centre in Block M, South Jakarta. You will find excellent wood carvings, batiks, wayang puppets, and other tourist items.

The Sarinah department store at Jalan Thamrin is probably the most comprehensive shopping complex. The store offers designer and sports clothes, electric appliances, textiles, furniture, paintings, handcrafts, needlework, wayang puppets, and much more.

The Jalan Surabaja is an antique market in Benteng. You can shop for Dutch lamps, porcelain, or wooden crafts. Wooden puppets are sold for $2 to $3.

The antique shops in China town will offer you some cheap porcelain items.

You can also visit the shopping areas Pasar Baru, Pasar Cikini, Majestic Pasar, or Senen Pasar.

Remember to bargain while purchasing handicrafts and other tourist items. It is acceptable to bargain for goods if prices are not displayed.

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