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Jakarta What To Do List

Posted by on Apr 15th, 2009
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• Tasting the local cuisine should definitely stay high on your list. Try nasi gudeg (dish made of jackfruit, rice, chicken, and spices), srabi (rice puddings topped on pancakes), or nasi ulam (grilled seafood served with rice).

• You have plenty of cash? Try the $ 110 hamburgers offered by the Four Seasons hotel. They are made of Kobe beef, Italian Portobello mushrooms, French foie grass, Korean pears, and homemade onion bread. The meal is served with French fries and a cup of wine.

• Would you like to taste a plethora of meals? Join the ten day Indonesian food festival in March. Held at the Saliendra restaurant, the festival features traditional treats from across the archipelago. The large selection of dishes includes bebek betutu (broiled duck in a banana leaf) from Bali, ikan bakar colo colo (grilled fish) from Maluku, sup konro (beef rib soup) from Bugis, and many others.

• Dance the Indonesian line dance Poco Poco. Its steps allegedly come from various farming activities such as rice planting and coconut fiber peeling.

• The Indonesian fresh coffee has an outstanding taste. Hunt the markets to give it a chance.

• Take some goodies that will remind you of the trip. Pick native foods such as kecap manis (soy sauce), kerupuk (crackers), or nutmeg fruit. Buy a homemade sarong. You can use it as a dress, scarf, table cloth, beach mat, towel, or anything you can think of.

• Buy a batik cloth. Make a tour to a batik factory. Learn about techniques of waxing and dying textiles. Then, buy a batik cloth.

• Visit some of the 38 quality golf courses in Jakarta.

• If you travel to Jakarta close to the country`s Independence Day (August, 17th), don`t miss out the celebrations! You could see palm climbing, crackers` eating contests, and much more!

• Immerse in the city`s culture, history, and spirit!

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