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Jakarta Travel Guide

Posted by on Apr 15th, 2009
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Indonesia Jakarta
Sparkling Jakarta
Photo by aris-ressy

Here’s information on how to get to Jakarta. There’s so much to see and do in Jarkarta, lots of good hotels and good food, and a shopping haven!

Most travellers bypass Jakarta on their way to other famous tourist destinations. Tightly packed and smoggy, the capital city is infamous for its shoddy town planning, polluted slums and traffic clogged main routes. The pavements are marked by myriads of potholes and force pedestrians to join the road traffic. Often times, the only road rule is to keep left. Due to lack of special facilities, the city is a difficult destination for people with limited mobility.

Jakarta is definitely not a major tourist destination. However, if you fall for orchid gardens, enigmatic musical instruments and handcrafts, shadow puppet performances, multilayered worlds of epic and symbols, then the capital will certainly entrance you. If you hunt for a destination of historic insights, the capital`s old city and museums have plenty to offer. Famous for its buoyant and lively night life, Jakarta is a hub of street fare eateries, top notch restaurants, and salubrious bars.

The city`s cultural blend opens a splendid opportunity to discover Indonesia in a nutshell. The capital is an extraordinary melting pot of Balinese, Timorese, Bataks, Sundanese, Indians, Papuans, Dutch, and Chinese. It is a city of multiple faces and spirits, and of stones laid over centuries of history. Jakarta is a multicoloured gem for the explorer of Indonesia`s cultural richness.

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