Selamat Datang! It means welcome in Bahasa Indonesia. And here, you truly are.
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Indonesia Language

Posted by on Apr 15th, 2009
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In general, avoid behaving in manners that contradict the local culture and values. It is best to have an overall idea of what constitutes poor conduct. Here are some suggestions to follow:

It is always polite to speak a couple of words in the local language. The Indonesians will be particularly delighted if you try to learn. Indonesia`s national language is called Bahia Indonesia. Most Indonesians speak both, their regional language and Bahia. Some common expressions are listed below.

Selma dating – Welcome

Kemble – You are welcome

Mad – Sorry

Yes – Yak

No – Tidal

Please – To long

Thank you – Terumi Kasich

Ape Akbar? – How are you?

Selma page – Good morning

Selma sang – Good day

Selma sore – Good afternoon

Selma madam – Good evening

Selma tidier – Good night

Selma making – Have a good meal!

Selma jalap – Goodbye

Premise – Excuse me

Name say… – My name is…

Karma – room

Karma Mandy – bathroom

kamar untuk seorang – single room

tempat tidur besar satu kamar – double room

Saya tersesat – I am lost

Saya sakit – I am ill

Bisa berbicara Bahasa Ingris di sini? – Do you speak English?

Saya tidak mengert – I don`t understand

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